Translation of Kyu Jong’s Message

ThanKYU! Pretties~♡
Triple S~ Pretties~!
For waiting~
Let’s meet soon~!
Really really love you~♡
*eager* *enthusiastic*
*Working on the message…*
Really really love you~♡

Translated by xiaochu, his message

wanted to wear my sailor mercury bathing suit in celebration of her appearance in sailor moon crystal today~ cant wait to watch the episode <3<3<3
Jung Min's logic.
Jung Min: So white bear and black bear are playing together, if the two get married and give birth to a baby bear, what colour will the baby be?
Hyung Jun: Orange colored bear.
SS501: .......
Little Kid: Brown colored?
Jung Min: Seems like you haven't studied hard? You never thought it would be striped? Black and white.